Bad Ethernet cable causing lots of pop-up messages
  • I installed a new camera recently, and i'm pretty sure the old network cable I used has an issue, because I'm getting a constant pop-up dialog every few minutes with this message:

    Error from camera "Garage", it will be closed. (Failed to decompress incoming video frame 22185,-8969 Image data decompression failed - bad data)

    The only way to avoid this seems to be to disable the camera entirely. Is there another way to suppress these messages? Other than replacing the cable of course, which I plan to do.
  • If the cable was formerly OK, there is a good chance it is just a degraded connector rather than the cable itself. would be worth replacing the RJ45 connectors before pulling a new run.

    Also, I would test that camera on a short cable to rule out its ethernet connector being the actual issue.
  • The error indicates that some bad image data is being received from the camera, causing decompression problems. This could indeed be network related (bad cabling, bad switch, bad WiFi - though this last one doesn't apply if your camera is connected by Ethernet). It could also be related to the camera's firmware, so make sure this is up to date with the latest version offered by the manufacturer.

    SecuritySpy will tolerate several bad frames in a row, but then will give up and close the camera and generate this error message. Then SecuritySpy will repeatedly attempt to reconnect to the camera in order to establish a good connection again. So if the error is not occurring very frequently, and the connection re-establishes quickly, the downtime will be minimal.

    To prevent the messages from popping up, turn off the option "Display pop-up window for major errors" under Preferences - General in SecuritySpy.
  • Finally made my way back here, been a hectic month. Thanks for the tip on the preference, I missed that option!

    Since it's a new camera and an old cable, I'll try a new cable first and see if that fixes it. It's a longer run than the others, but well within Ethernet limits, and the PPoE adapter is local to the camera. Using a new *type* of camera this time, Amcrest ProHD IP2M-842E, so I'll check up on the firmware as well.

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