Doorbell Cam
  • Has anyone tried this Doorbell cam with SS. Its $139.00 (USD) at checkout when you enter CYBER as the coupon code. Looking for a doorbell cam and its seems TGTBT.
  • This one is new to us. It looks promising, because its spec sheet lists RTSP support, which is all that is required to make it work with SecuritySpy. I have emailed LaView Support asking for some technical info and I will post back here when they get back to me.
  • Thanks for looking into this. Looks to be a rebranded Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP.
    I looked through the Support / Q@A section of LaViews`s site and it said it was ONVIF compatible.
  • I have heard back from LaView support and they do indeed confirm that it's ONVIF compatible.

    They also supplied info about manual setup, whereby you can use the "Manual configuration" profile in SecuritySpy with the RTSP Format setting, with Streaming/Channels/101 as the Request. However, as it supports ONVIF, there should be no need to use manual setup.

    If anyone decides to buy this device, please post back here with your experiences.
  • Thanks Ben
    The coupon code stop working :(
    Day late I Guess. Back to $199.00
  • I have the Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP model, so far i have only briefly been able to get it to work with SecuritySpy to then fail again. This was using the manual configuration settings via RTSP TCP. I should note, i can access the doorbell via the URL stream in VLC.

    This past week Hikvision released a new firmware with a bunch of fixes, plus enabled web access and 'support some important ONVIF protocols'. I've tired to get it working with SecuritySpy once again using every possible configuration, but still no luck. SecuritySpy even auto-detects the incoming stream's via ONVIF.
    My only guess why it won't work is a potential conflict with the Hik-Connect service used to receive doorbell notifications and have two-way conversations.
  • I got the LaView version of the Doorbell Cam. I Played with it for a few days then returned it.
  • Same problems here. VLC works fine (rtsp://username:password@ip_addr:554/Streaming/Channels/101) for both feeds but I get "Unexpected Data" from SS.

    SS Log says:
    12/20/2017 21:54:01: Error communicating with the network device "Network camera". 4.2.1,80262,801 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. Data from network device not as expected.

    The camera has other issues (like not being able to turn IR off) but this is the big one.
  • Had more issues than I care to list. No option to turn off the IR was a big one. The reflection off the camera lens make night time video useless. I really wanted to work as a doorbell cam. But soon realized that was not going to happen. Was not willing to wait for firmware updated to trickle down. Hikvision is notorious for taking forever to fix there firmware issues. Also there a lot of unhappy users on other forum sites. Maybe the next version hardware version will be better. This same doorbell can is rebranded for LaView, Claire Control and a few others. I tried to import to my BI machine. Could only get it to post via a manual configuration RTSP. The frame rated was like 6 FPS and would disappear randomly off the system. Grrrrr.
  • Ben -- Do you have any insight why this camera would work via the URL in VLC, but I can't get it to work as a manual config RTSP formatted feed? Is SS pickier than VLC?
  • Hi @mikepistone I can't tell exactly what is going wrong, because we don't have one of these cameras to test, but according to the error code you mentioned, it seems the camera isn't correctly sending some vital metadata before the stream starts (specifically the "sprop-parameter-sets" data is missing or incomplete). This data is required by the decoder to be able to interpret the image data. Perhaps VLC is more tolerant about the format of the data.

    If you are able to put your camera online for us on port 554 and supply us with the address and username and password, we will take a look and see if we can get this to work. If this is possible, please email us the details (we can provide more info about exactly how to set this up too, if required). Thanks.
  • @mikepostone & @ben Please let me know how you go with this.
  • I have been swamped, but I am going to upgrade to the latest doorbell firmware this weekend, and if still an issue then enable remote access for Ben. LaView support is not helped but my guess it it is not quite RTSP compliant and SView is strict about compliance.


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